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Undersea Garden(s) (Oak Bay)
1327 Beach Drive
popular Oak Bay attraction until relocating to the Inner Harbour
Undersea Garden
In 1962, when the municipality decided to replace the old boathouse with a modern marina complex, word went out to developers for their ideas. Several proposals were submitted and the contract (and an unprecedented 30-year lease) was given to Bob Wright for his Oak Bay Marina/Restaurant concept.
The municipality also received an interesting proposal from local entrepreneur, Charlie White, for his unique underwater aquarium facility called Undersea Garden. White was given a tentative six-month lease at the new marina complex.
When the Oak Bay Marina officially opened in 1964, the Undersea Garden proved to be a great success and became a popular attraction at the marina for the next five years, afterwhich it relocated to Victoria's inner harbour in 1969.
The relocation of the Undersea Garden to the inner harbour left a huge void at the Oak Bay Marina that Bob Wright quickly filled with his Sealand (subsequently Sealand of the Pacific) aquarium attraction, which opened in 1969. Wright and White, once colleagues, now became competitors.1

1 Ultimately Sealand of the Pacific closed in 1992 and Bob Wright purchased Charlie White's Undersea Garden franchise, renaming it Pacific Undersea Gardens.
see Oak Bay Boathouse, Oak Bay Marina, Sealand (of the Pacific)
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United Service Golf Club
former name of Uplands Golf Club before 1922

The United Service Golf Club originated at McCauley Point in 1887. It was built as a recreational nine-hole facility for servicemen stationed in Esquimalt. The name relects this patronage. After relocating to Oak Bay in 1912 it was also called the Municipal Golf Club before incorporating as the Uplands Golf Club in 1922.
see Uplands Golf Club

Uplands, (The)
"The Uplands residential development was originally started by a French development company. The streets and sidewalks were built by a young paving contractor from Spokane, Washington. He later became famous as a great American industrialist — Henry J. Kaiser.
During World War II the Canadian military conducted training manoeuvres in the area of Uplands Park and Cattle Point."
Terry Murphy
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Uplands Coffee Shop
serving Uplands golfers
1940s matchbook cover
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Uplands Farm
the Hudson's Bay Company farm in Oak Bay
Uplands Farm
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Uplands Garage & Motor Co
2589 Cadboro Bay Road (19271939, 1951–1955 city directories)
2590 Cadboro Bay Road
(19301939, 1950–1968 city directories)
Uplands Service Station & Garage
2589 Cadboro Bay Road (1940 city directory)
2590 Cadboro Bay Road
(19411949 city directories)
Uplands Garage & Motor Co.
Cadboro Rd at Estevan
2590 Cadboro Bay . . . . . . . . . 3-4742
1957 Yellow Pages ad

The 2589 address was the previous location of Olympia Garage
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Uplands Golf Club
1922 —
3300 Cadboro Bay Road
Uplands Golf Club
Originating at McCauley Point in Esquimalt in 1887 as the nine-hole course of the United Services Club, the organization relocated to Oak Bay in 1912 as the Municipal Golf Club before incorporating as the Uplands Golf Club in 1922.
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Uplands Greenhouses
2270 Kinross Avenue
(19491967 directories/phone books)
Flowers & Bedding Plants
Entrance at 2270 Kinross Ave.
Near Cadboro Bay Rd.
2270 Kinross . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-0689
1957 Yellow Pages ad
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Former location of Baldwin's Nurseries
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Uplands Grocery
2491 Cadboro Bay Road
Corner of Cadboro Bay and Todd
2491 Cadboro Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-0903
1957 Yellow Pages ad

The spelling of Tod is incorrect in the ad.
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Uplands Park
1946 —
deeded to the municipality in 1946 "for the purpose of a public park in perpetuity"
Uplands Park
This 75-acre site was part of the original Uplands subdivision laid out in 1912. In 1946 this property was deeded to the Municipality in lieu of back taxes accumulated through the difficult economic times of two World Wars and the Great Depression.

The original plans for the Uplands, a showpiece subdivision, envisioned all streets radiating from Midland Way, the intended grande boulevard of this "garden community." However, delinquent taxes resulted in the forfeiture of land to the municipality for the creation of Uplands Park. Consequently the original grande boulevard concept lost its symmetry and Midland Way was reduced to Midland Road, a dead-end street.

Uplands Streetcar
built in 1913 to help developers market an upscale "garden community" subdivision
Uplands Streetcar
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Uplands was one of three streetcar lines to service Oak Bay in the early years. The other two lines were Oak Bay and Willows. see Wards
The Uplands line started on February 3, 1913 and served the community until December 1, 1947.
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Uplands Taxi
2019 Oak Bay Avenue
(1952–1962... phone books)

ad in 1952 phone book
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Uplands Taxi debuted in 1952 and advertised "unmarked cars" for its Uplands clientele.

Uplands Taxi was competing with Newport Taxi for Uplands clientele. Newport Taxi offered chauffeur-driven unmarked luxury vehicles.
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Uplands Telephone Company
proprietary infrastructure in an exclusive community
Bruce Kapron...
Uplands Manhole Cover
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Until 1935, the Uplands was an entity unto itself. The development of its infrastructure proceeded outside the bylaws and jurisdiction of both the municipality and the city.
Unlike elsewhere, telephone poles were not used to carry power and phone lines. All lines ran underground — to preserve the aesthetic of a garden community.
The underground telephone system in the Uplands was sold to the BC Telephone Company in 1950.1
"A few years ago I learned from a Telus repairman that there used to be an Uplands Telephone Company. He also told me that it was still possible to find manhole covers with "Uplands Telephone" on them. I finally managed to find one (in the 3000 block of Midland) last week [May 2010]. I'm attaching a photo."
.Bruce Kapron

1 Murdoch, George. The History of the Municipality of Oak Bay. (1968) p 110.
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Uppingham House private school
1543 York Place
(19201931 city directories)
1647 Hampshire Road
(1934 phone book)
Oak Bay Archives
Uppingham House School
late 1920s
1543 York Place was originally the 1898 residence, Garrison House, of The Honourable Frederick Peters.
From 1920 until 1931 Garrison House was Uppingham House, a private school.
In 1932 the house was vacant and soon destroyed by fire.

Famed Uppingham School in England was founded in 1584. Located in Uppingham, Rutland, it is one of the leading British coeducational boarding schools for boys and girls from 13 to 18. The school has the greatest area of playing fields of any school in England and is renowned for its music program.
see The Honourable Frederick Peters, Garrison House
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Usher's Confectionery Store
2205 Oak Bay Avenue
(1930–1957... phone books)
newspapers, magazines and a soda fountain. Popular through the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s
. . . .2205 OAK BAY AVENUE. . . .
text from ad in 1951 OBHS Oak Leaf yearbook

Former location of Avenue Confectionery
Subsequent location of Fisher's Confectionery
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