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Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA)
professional ice hockey comes to the West Coast
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In 1911 the Patrick family established the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA) with teams in Vancouver, Victoria and New Westminster. An arena was constructed in Oak Bay to host the games played in Victoria. Much hockey history was made in this building.
In 1925 the Victoria Cougars won the Stanley Cup in Oak Bay's arena.
The league folded in 1927 and the Victoria team was sold to Detroit to become the Detroit Red Wings.
The fascinating history of the PCHA is told in Craig Bowlsby's book, Empire of Ice.
see Patrick Arena, Victoria Senators, Victoria Cougars

Pantry Shelf
2517 Estevan Avenue
(1962–1970... phone books)
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

Pattinson's pharmacy
2248 Oak Bay Avenue
(19211925 city directories)

Previous location of the meat department of Oak Bay Grocery
Subsequent location of Oak Bay Pharmacy

Patrick, Lester
The Silver Fox — hockey's greatest innovator — built Oak Bay's hockey arena in 1911 in which he led Victoria Cougars to Stanley Cup win in 1925
Lester Patrick
Profile under development
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Ice hockey was vibrant in the interior of British Columbia from 1895-1911. This was the setting where Frank and Lester Patrick started their hockey dynasty before moving to the coast to establish the Pacific Coast League and introduce innovations which would shape the modern game of hockey.
see Patrick Arena

Patrick Arena (Victoria Arena)
2110 Cadboro Bay Road
the modern game of ice hockey was significantly shaped in this historic Oak Bay building
Patrick Arena
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The Patrick Arena was built in 1911 to house Victoria's entry — the Senators — into the newly-formed Pacific Coast Hockey Association. Many hockey firsts happened in this historic building and it was here, in 1925, that Lester Patrick's Victoria Cougars won the Stanley Cup by defeating the Montreal Canadiens.
The arena was located on Cadboro Bay Road at Epworth Street (then called Empress Street). The building was destroyed by fire in the early morning of November 11,1929.
Click on MEMORABILIA to view or contribute photographs, artifacts and recollections of the Patrick Arena. Check out the incredible panorama shot taken the morning after it burned down
see Lester Patrick

Paul V Tempest furniture
1179 Newport Avenue (1942 phone book)
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

Pemberton, Joseph Despard
colonial surveyor / one of Oak Bay's five original landowners, owning most of south Oak Bay
J D Pemberton
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Penguin Library & Gift Shop
1161 Newport Avenue
(1939 city directory)

Subsequent location of Clarke's Meat Market
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

Peters, The Honourable Frederick
former Premier of Prince Edward Island (1891–1897)
/ pioneer (1897) Oak Bay landowner and resident
Hon Frederick Peters
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see Garrison House, Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper
Profile under development

originally listed as Drug Stores/Druggists
Merryfield & Dack Drug Stores (...1918... phone book)
Chas Hudson, druggist (...1930–1944... phone books)
Oak Bay Pharmacy (...1930–1970... phone books)
Newport Pharmacy (...1934–1970... phone books)
Davenport Pharmacy
(...1946–1970... phone books)
Blay's Pharmacy
(...1947–1959... phone books)
Johnston's Pharmacy
(...1953–1957... phone books)
Totem Pharmacy
(...1956–1957... phone books)

Phillipps-Wolley, Sir Clive
Oak Bay sovereignist knighted for his patriotism
Sir Clive
Profile under development

Photo Centre (Pacific Coast) Ltd
2186 Oak Bay Avenue
(19491950 phone books)
"The Largest Studios in B.C."
ROYE, F.I.B.P. (of London and Paris),
FARRON, the Victoria Clinical
and Color Laboratory
Experts covering every type of Photography
in Black and White or Natural Colour
2186 Oak Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . E mpire-3214
ad in 1949 phone book
This was one of several photography businesses operating out of this space prior to its usage as a banquet hall for the Goblin Coffee Shop in the early 1950s and subsequent conversion to a night club — the Club Tango — in 1954.
see Roye Photography, Victoria Clinical and Color Laboratory, Camera Studios Club

Formerly the space of Gibson Studios and Hill-Tout Studios
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

Piggly Wiggly food market
2253 Oak Bay Avenue
(19301939 city directories)
one of five Piggly Wiggly stores franchised throughout Greater Victoria

Piggly Wiggly was the first business at this address
Subsequent location of a Canada Safeway store
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

Pomeroy's Children's Shoes & Varieties
1157 Newport Avenue (1952–1957... phone books)
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

Pomeroy's Oak Bay Confectionery
1157 Newport Avenue (19411951 phone books)
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

Porter's Red & White Market (19501953 phone books)
Porter's Food Market
(19541956 phone books)
Porter's IGA Super Market (1957–1959... phone books)
2077 Cadboro Bay Road
EV. 3-0323 . . . . . . . 2077 Cadboro Bay Rd.
ad in 1959 OBHS Oak Leaves yearbook
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

Potter's Grocery
947 Monterey Avenue
(19501954 phone books)

Previous location of Laing's Grocery
Subsequent location of Campbell's Grocery
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

Price's Shoe Store
2004 Oak Bay Avenue
(19311936 city directories / phone books)
Graduate Practipedist in Attendance
Repairs called for & delivered
2004 Oak Bay . . . . . . . Garden-7761
ad in 1934 phone book
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

Princess Chikhmatoff (Jennie Butchart Ross)
daughter of Robert Butchart (Butchart Gardens) / married a Russian prince to become Oak Bay's princess
Jennie Ross -- Princess Chikhmatoff
Jennie Ross
After her husband Harry Ross' death in 1930, Jennie Ross (nee Butchart, of Butchart Gardens fame) married an impoverished Russian Prince in 1934 to become Princess Chirinsky-Chikhmatoff. Jennie was forty-nine and the Prince only twenty-eight. The marriage caused a family scandal and was short-lived. The Prince left for the night life of New York and Paris. Jennie remained in her Oak Bay home, Blair Gowie, at 2031 Runnymede, until the early 1940s.
From the early 1940s until 1961 she lived at 906 St. Charles Street where her parents were living. In 1950 the Princess opened the tearoom at Butchart Gardens, serving crumpets and marmalade for 25 cents.
In 1961 the Princess moved to 1069 Beach Drive to be with her son, Ian, and family.
Jennie Ross — Princess Chikhmatoff — died in 1971
Princess Chikhmatoff I believe was still in the home on the corner of Mt Joy and Runnymede in the early 1950s, as we kids on Mt Joy used to visit. The main attraction was the swimming pool! I think we got a swim once.
Gail-Anne Brighton (Randall)

In 1950, the Victoria Golf Club building needed renovations. In her book, Tweed Curtain Pioneers, Betty Gordon Funke states, "Princess Mary Chikmatoff, daughter of Jennie Butchart of Butchart Gardens, volunteered to pay for and supervise improvements to the ladies' lounge."
see Blair Gowie

Prior's Grocery
2517 Estevan Avenue
(...1959–1961 phone books)

Former location of Ferris Grocery
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

Pussy Willow Children's Wear
2530 Estevan Avenue
(1959–1962... phone books)
Specializing in Children's Dresses
Infants to Fourteen Years
Complete Line of Children's Wear
2530 Estevan . . . . . . . EV 5-8042
ad in 1959 phone book
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

Pussy Willow Gift Shop
2532 Estevan Avenue
(...1964–1970... phone books)
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

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