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K C Market
2284 Cadboro Bay Road
(...1964–1970... phone books)
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

Karilyn Hardware
2072c Cadboro Bay Road
(...1948 phone book)

Subsequent location of Magnet Hardware
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Karolyn's Ladies Wear
2519 Estevan Avenue (1956–1957... phone books)
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Karolyn's Style Shoppe
2519 Estevan Avenue (...1959–1970... phone books)
2519 Estevan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . EV 2-9662
ad in 1959 phone book
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Kelsey Place
see Street/Place Names section

Kendall Avenue
see Street/Place Names section

931 Foul Bay Road
1913 home of Roderick Ross Sutherland

Oak Bay Heritage Building
Kildonan is named after Sutherland's hometown, Kildonan, Manitoba

2227 Oak Bay Avenue
1905 home of coal magnate William Fernie
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Built in 1905, Kimbolton was the stylish residence of William Fernie, named after his birthplace, Kimbolton, a village in Cambridgeshire, England.
In 1950 Kimbolton was converted to an unattractive apartment block, Fernhurst Apartments, and subsequently demolished in 1971 to make way for the Monterey Centre and Library complex.

Kimbolton is an old, Roman-era village, Cynebaldtun, in Cambridgeshire, England. It was part of the estate of Anglo-Saxon King Harold II at the time of the Battle of Hastings (1066) and listed as Chenebaltone in the Doomsday book compiled in 1086. After the Norman conquest, a castle was built at Kimbolton. Kimbolton Castle, now a school, is infamous for once being home and prison to Katherine of Aragon after her divorce from Henry VIII, She died in Kimbolton Castle in 1536.
see "Fernhurst Apartments"
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King George Terrace
see Street/Place Names section

Kings Road
see Street/Place Names section

305 Denison
1910/11 home of George Ogilvie Leask

Oak Bay Heritage Building

Kinross Avenue
see Street/Place Names section

Kipling, Rudyard
Nobel prize-winner1 charmed by Oak Bay
During his 1907 visit to Victoria, renowned English writer Rudyard Kipling stayed at the Oak Bay Hotel where he wrote this delightful poem to capture his visit:
A gilded mirror and a polished bar
Myriads of glasses strewn ajar
A kind-faced man all dressed in white
That's my recollection of last night
The streets were narrow and far too long
Sidewalks slippery, policemen strong
The slamming door, the sea-going hack
That's my recollection of getting back
A rickety staircase and hard to climb
But I rested often, I'd lots of time
An awkward keyhole and a misplaced chair
Informed my wife that I was there.
The last verse makes reference to the Oak Bay Hotel. Built in 1905, and subsequently called the Old Charming Inn, the building was demolished in 1962 to make way for Oak Bay's then most luxurious apartment block — the Rudyard Kipling.

1 Kipling was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 1907
see Oak Bay Hotel

Kirkham's grocery
2509 Estevan Avenue
(19321935 city directories)
Oak Bay branch of long-established Victoria grocery firm, O.H. Kirkham Co Ltd

Kiwanis Club of Oak Bay
see Oak Bay Kiwanis Club

"Knee High"
Fox terrier used by the Oak Bay Police Department to promote traffic safety to school children in the 1950s
"I remember a traffic-safety demonstration in the early 1950s in the Willows School auditorium where a traffic violation was acted out on stage and 'Knee High' ran from the back of the auditorium and jumped up on the stage to prevent the violation. A graphic presentation that obviously made an lasting impression!"
Gary Wilcox, OBHS class of 1960
Photos, artifacts and recollections welcomed

Kraus' Confectionery
2284 Cadboro Bay Road
(19381940 city directories)

Former location of Central Films
Subsequent location of Morley's Confectionery
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