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1701 Beach Drive
1898 home of Francis Mawson Rattenbury
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Architect Francis Mawson Rattenbury built Iechinihl,1 his seaside, Queen Anne-style home in 1898, the same year he finished his work on the Parliament Buildings and married Florence Eleanor Nunn.
For a few short years life was good at Iechinhl. Rattenbury's 1901 contract with the C.P.R. seemingly secured his future. He became reeve of Oak Bay in 1913, the same year a tudor-style addition effectively doubled the size of his home. A coach house was built in 1914. Later that year the outbreak of World War I changed his outlook on life, and on his marriage.
Rattenbury met another woman in 1923, divorced Florence in 1925, and moved to England with his new wife in 1929.
In 1935 Iechinihl became the home of Glenlyon School. New buildings were added and existing buildings were converted to classrooms. In 1986 Glenlyon School amalgamated with Norfolk House to become Glenlyon Norfolk School — a co-ed, university preparatory day school.

1 The name Rattenbury chose for his home — Iechinihl — is unusual in that it doesn't reference an estate in the Old Country, but rather is a B.C. aboriginal term meaning "a place of good things." A second interpretation of the term is that speech was delivered to the tribes on that very spot. (Iechinihl is situated near the mouth of Bowker Creek – a place with thousands of years of aboriginal history.)
see Francis Mawson Rattenbury

2021 McNeill Avenue
1908 home of Arthur Douglas Crease
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Individual Dry Cleaners (store #6)
2182 Oak Bay Avenue
(1953–1970... phone books)
Oak Bay franchise of a city-wide chain

Former location of Oak Bay Girls' Shop and Oak Bay Dress Shop
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Inglewood Terrace
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2150 Oak Bay Avenue
1910 home of William Henderson
William Henderson, a stone mason and architect, built this house when he was 73. Although shrubbery obscures the house today, his block wall and iron gate can be admired from the front sidewalk.

Inverallochy is a designated Oak Bay Heritage Building
see William Henderson

Isobel's Kitchen
2867 Foul Bay Road
(1965 phone book)
A short-lived business before the coffee shop environment was converted to a dry goods environment.

Previous location of Rose Bowl Coffee Bar
Subsequent location of Buttons-N-Bows
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Island Furniture Refinishers
2072 Cadboro Bay Road
(19501952 phone books).

1951 ad in phone book
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Concurrent address of Magnet Hardware
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Island Road
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